Kiln opened, or a hot day in Saudi Arabia

I couldn’t resist it and have opened the second room. The first room isn’t opened but I did peek in and it doesn’t look good. I seem to have a problem with a lot of the glaze not melting but I think it has more to do with some problem with my glaze and not with the temperature. The black glazed work in the first room is nice, very nice.

In the second room, which I have opened the door to, the work is very nice. There was a problem in the back middle where the shelves have fallen. I can’t get into the kiln to really check things out but it seems one of the stilts lower down collapsed and all the shelves above fell down. It happened late in the firing it seems.

The glazes in the second room are feldspar, ash, and some white slip ware. I did, as an experiment, put in some of the porcelain I have been playing around with.

I will post pictures as soon as my wife brings the camera back home from a PTA event where they are digging up sweet potatoes.


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