Wakakusakai auction. Kiln update.

Just back from a monthly auction I attend. Everyone seemed to be half asleep, like me from my kiln firing.  There were a few exceptional pieces. A Kamakura era piece, a part of the Nara gojunoto that went very cheap. A massive planter, 150 cm. in diameter, went for about 5,000 yen, delivery included. No one wanted it as it is too heavy to move. A couple of pieces I was looking for didn’t show up, a set of Kutani sake cups in particular. The link shows them at the bottom. I hope they show up next month. I wanted to buy a Shigaraki mizusashi that was very beautiful. The starting price was what I decided would be my maximum price. It didn’t sell, I didn’t put a bid in because I still haven’t fully woken up from the marathon firing. There was a white Bizen piece that went for a couple of hundred thousand yen. Winner of the most confusing bid sequence goes to a pile of paper that included a couple of books. The bid started at about 10,000 yen, quickly went to 50,000 yen and suddenly jumped to 200,000 yen. The winner looked as confused as everyone. I don’t know if he planned on paying that much but that is what he bid.

What is it about some of these dealers?

There are snacks available, in the morning a lot of candy, crackers, cookies, etc., in the afternoon breads, apple pie type bread, boxed juice. There are a couple of older dealers that happen to sit directly in front of me that leave, after several trips to the snack area, with their bags buldging with snacks to take home in their new Volvos and Jaguars.

Kiln update.

It is now 280 c.


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