Kiln firing, 7:00 pm update.

I am firing this time without a temperature probe.


Probes are the piece of equipment that give me the biggest headache. They seem to constantly need some kind of maintenance, new wires, new cover or something. Japanese made probes are designed for wood burning kilns and are of a very high quality but expensive. I haven’t bought any here yet, only from the U.S.  The reason I am trying to move away from them.

The first day of the firing will be very easy just using my eye. It is the second day and on through to the end of the firing that will be a challenge. From tonight until tomorrow mid-morning I will stick with a once an hour filling up of the front of the firebox.

7:00 pm

Look at the difference in the color in the back of the firebox compared to the first pictures. There is a definite difference.


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