Firing my climbing kiln, 10/11/09

6:00 am Sunday 10/11/09,

I just started the fire for my noborigama, if lucky will finish on 10/13, first time without a temperature probe.

I have been waffling on this firing but if I want to go to a show I have in two weeks I have to start it now as I need at least 10 days after finishing to let it cool and unload. This is the first time I am not using a probe to determine the temperature. I have wanted to fire this way for a long time but am always worried about technnical issues.

In the picture below the only thing of note is the color behind the flames. It is black. Since this firing is without a probe for temperature I will be looking at three main things at the beginning, color, flame behavior and time.

kiln firing 10-11-09

6:00 am, fire just lit


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3 Responses to “Firing my climbing kiln, 10/11/09”

  1. Eric Says:

    Good luck for the firing. It will be a success, of course !!!

  2. Wakakusakai auction. Kiln update. « Togeii’s Weblog Says:

    […] Just back from a monthly auction I attend. Everyone seemed to be half asleep, like me from my kiln firing.  There were a few exceptional pieces. A Kamakura era piece, a part of the Nara gojunoto that went […]

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