The long tail

I worked all day getting the front wall of my new kiln in today thinking about an article I read about the long tail.

Do I believe it?    The simple answer is yes I do.

Do I think it takes into account all the variables that make up life?    No.

I think the reasons that keep any artist from finding 1,000 true fans are many. Finding  1,000 true fans without the help of a marketer is a difficult prospect. Not impossible but something that needs a lot more fleshing out as far as methods, tactics, goals, etc., in other words a good marketing plan. Where does the conflict come in? I think in my case as is probably the case with a lot of artists is that marketing is something I enjoy as much as digging the large trench my new kiln is being built in. That isn’t to say I don’t think it isn’t necessary. Absolutely necessary. I think artists are excellent executors but poor on strategic planning. I speak more about my self. I am a good strategic planner but not when it comes to marketing. It is like I feel like I can do most things I put my mind to but when marketing comes on the radar I lose my Buddha.

I have been reading up on marketing, mainly at this point Seth Godin. I am a native English speaker but most of the marketing terminology is really like a foreign language to me. One of the reasons I have taken to the Seth Godin “Tribes” thinking is it makes a lot of sense to me. There are points in the articles I have read I think the “concept” of building the tribe is taken a little too far but overall it is common sense put into writing with a focus on marketing. Maybe that is why it is so valuable. It is common sense.


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