Antiques 10-4-09

Kurakashi part 3

It seems the more formal studying will resume after this massive kuradashi is done. These pictures are from the next set of lots that will go on the block in a couple of weeks. My favorite is the sometsuke bowl, blue and white bowl. Not sure how old it is or its provenance but it is very beautiful. The Song period replicas are interesting in that they are very convincing Chinese made but fakes. I imagine them ending up on Ebay in the near future. The character in the middle is a “Fuku” character.


The pictures of cords are of two boxes full of cords Mr. Kawase has. Used for boxes that need new cords. It sounds odd perhaps but if you look at the picture I took of one of the lots from the kuradashi that has had the cord replaced by new cord it is obvious the need for older used cord.  Mr. Kawase, my wife and I were deep in conversation about the quality of the old cords compared to new cords, the top cord dealer in Osaka, etc. when Mr. Kawase pointed out the mismatched box sitting behind us. It stuck out like a sore thumb and we all burst into laughter.


The nails are old pieces made by a blacksmith. The flattened head nail is for roofing tile, the other is for wooden beams in a house.

Round holes.

I checked but couldn’t find anything in Japanese but I was told round cord holes in boxes that hold antiques stopped being used about 250 years ago. That isn’t to say all round holed boxes are that old but as a general rule. Good news for the furo I am trying to sell here. Generally speaking they date back roughly 250 years ago but there have been some boxes made after that that have round holes.

War stories.

Very interesting story about W.W. II.

Mr. Kawase was stationed in Wakayama, nowadays about 2 hours from Nara by train. His father heard through the grapevine that the company was going to be deployed to Nanpon which I am unable to find in English. He called the commanding officer and asked him if he would like a gift, and by the way did the officer know the elder Kawase was the top collector of swords in Japan? He promptly sent a sword as a gift/bribe to the officer and the younger Kawase was reassigned to a domestic post for research. The other members of the company boarded a boat to go to Nanpon. The boat was sunk by the Americans and all aboard drowned.


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