I am getting ready for the Hamanako juried craft fair. There are few things that exhaust me more than getting ready for a show of any kind. In fact it would be fair to say getting ready is something I would rather avoid.  I have focused for the last couple of years on selling outside of Japan but still attend a couple of juried shows  and show in some galleries each year in Japan. It is enjoyable to talk to people at fairs and get out of my cave to see the sunshine but the preparation leaves me very tired.  I noticed  I have almost none of the things I am taking to Hamanako for sale through my usual outlets, Etsy and my website. How do I explain that to myself? I am trying to sell through the Internet but don’t have the best of my work on my sites.

This time I will take a different approach in selecting  what to take to the fair. A target total amount in sales that is divided up in different types of items and pieces per type. Usually I take things that look easy to sell. This time I will go with things I want to take and only the number I want to take and have an overall image in mind. It did make it easier to get ready and I am actually feeling far better and feel like I can sell everything. I usually feel tired and only interested in stuffing the last of the work into the car and heading off. When I get to the fairs I usually don’t want to take everything out of the boxes, only thinking of the packing them back up at the end of the fair.


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