Big task, small steps

A problem I have been dealing with for the past 9 months is how to turn an area of my land into a kiln. I know how to build the kiln. I know the steps in the sense that I know when one step is completed I need to do one of a number of other steps. My problem is how to do the whole project. Looking at the whole project exhausts me, reminds me of my philosophy teacher Mr. Loofburrow. He went to some forgotten European country to research Marx for his PhD, walked into the research room, saw the hundreds of books and walked out to go have a beer. I would have to walk for hours to get the beer but I can relate.

Execution of a task is easy enough for me. I can lay out the kiln, excavate it, lay foundation material, etc. It is the whole that makes me tired. More precisely it is the transitions that get to me. When one task is finished and the decision has to be made about what to do next. My new kiln needs the outside retaining walls built, the internal walls built, the chimney structure built and the steel chimney area designed and built, the steel chimney delivery coordinated, the crushed brick delivery coordinated(done today), the outer coating applied, the …., you get the picture. I go back and forth between not being concerned about the tasks ahead and the need to “chunk” them down. My term. Take them in bite sized chunks. The transitional periods feed my desire for bite sized chunks.


2 Responses to “Big task, small steps”

  1. galleryjuana Says:

    I can relate to being overwhelmed by everything involved in a larger project. How cool that will be to have your own kiln!

    • togeii Says:

      I like your paintings, they are somewhat similar to my friend Tom Miller’s paintings, here
      It is nice to have my own kiln, three now. If you make some things I will fire them for you if you send them.

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