Antiques 9-19-09

Kura dashi part two. These photos are a continuation of last weeks series. The monthly Wakakusakai auction was the 15th. in Nara and lot 1 of the 3 lots was divided into 4 sub-lots. All 4 were sold on the 15th. Next month lot 2 will go up. Nothing too outstanding about the auction last week. The blue and white ceramics went for pretty good prices. There were about 50 guinomi that I didn’t see during the first photo session that were sold. I tried to get a couple of the lots but couldn’t afford them.

The photos just before the Kutani guinomi are Mr. Kawase looking and labeling the items in the boxes. It is very interesting to see the process. I finally understand something I have heard a number of times: that antiques dealers see more in a month than most people see in a lifetime.

In the pictures below I would like to draw attention to the last set of pictures of the Kutani guinomi. If anybody is interested in them contact me and let me know what your highest bid would be and I will bid for them for you. I want them and if I can get them I will try but if anyone is interested let me know. The bid would not of course include shipping. That actually goes for any item in the pictures.


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