Antiques 9-12-09

This is what a “kura dashi” looks like. An estate sale. This kura held the combined holdings of three generations of collectors. All told there are roughly 500 lots. The earliest is around the Kamakura period. The current head of the family has no interest or use for the items so he took everything to the dealer to be sold. The items will go up for auction at the Wakakusakai auction in three lots, the first this coming Tuesday the 15th. of September. I will be on the sideline hoping there is a tiring out from so much Ming ware and Mishima teabowls going that I will be able to pick up something in my price range. None of this stuff had been touched since Showa 17,  1942. The newspapers show a date of Showa 17. I really like the Ming rooster plate, the bowls that have pictures of the children although they don’t really look like children, those bowls date from around 1720 and some of the Iga and Mishima ware.

I don’t have a lot of details on each piece as I was busy opening boxes, photographing and re-tying the box.


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