Antiques, 8-8-09

I am unsure if this is Korean or from Karatsu. I really like the clay and the looseness of the surface. The clay is very fine grained. One of the things people making copies try to do is match the clay as close as possible. It is one of the bigger challenges. Glaze application, firing, the forming are all other challenges but the clay and to a lesser extent the materials for the glaze are areas special attention has to be paid.

One of the biggest barriers to being able to sell interesting and solid pieces is the ability to spot them. By solid I mean work that is solid, not some sleight of hand or flavor of the month. I am constantly humbled and amazed at the pieces I miss and the beauty that stared at me and I didn’t recognize it. Part of this is the combining of several pieces to make a cohesive whole. To do the combining one has to first recognize what is being looked at is indeed beautiful. No small task. In my own work I have found from several months to several years are necessary to get the distance to see what is there.


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