Antiques 7-17-09

This is an earthenware cylinder from the Heian period. The name in Japanese is kyozutsu. Interestingly it smells like earthenware.  It would have had a lid. The lids are usually made so that they have an overhang to help keep out water. The cylinder may have had a copper insert although some of them didn’t. Inside either the insert or the earthenware container would have been placed documents related to Buddhism. Prayers or other more documentary type papers. Basically they were assembled and buried for the purpose of preserving for future generations facts and other information about Buddhism and the Heian society.

The writing on it says, among other things, “Fujinarushige” made this. The name of the maker of the cylinder or the assembler of the container. It is unclear.

There is a picture of a transscription of everything written on the outside. Written in the sense of the characters were drawn into the wet clay.


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