Antiques July 4 2009.

I am always impressed by the eye people have for objects. The ability to see the obvious that everyone else is missing.

The bowl that has had the repair doesn’t seem to fall into that set but on further thought I put it there. I have seen this bowl a number of times in the past. I didn’t particularly like it. It was an average bowl dating back 400 years or so. A lot of collectors won’t agree with me but I find it a little too “shibui” in a way I can’t relate.

I have pictures of it pre-repair. I think it is much nicer after it has been purposefully broken and repaired using a shard from the Heijo complex and what looks like gold leaf. I imagine this is sacrilegious to some but to me it has made the bowl. I am now very interested in looking at it and learning more about it.

In a play on “a chip off the old block” the entry from the book talks about the father of the dealer doing the same thing with a bowl I had pictures of a couple of weeks ago. The “daibutsu” chawan. The entry shows the bowl that has been chipped in the same way and repaired by none other than Mr. Kawase, the father of the Mr. Kawase I was talking to.

The last picture is from a book that is on the tea utensil collection of a famous tea practitioner here. I have started recording these study sessions. I did my second recording last week so am somewhat new to the whole process. Instead of pushing “record” I apparently pushed “play”. That is the reason for the lack of detail this week. I didn’t take many notes, instead relaxing a little in the knowledge technology was taking care of me. Smart bombs, dumb people.

Looking at the book I had an “aha” moment. It had pictures of tea rooms and separate pictures of the tea utensil sets. I finally got it.  I am going to gather a complete set of utensils and start to try the ceremony. I will build a tea room in a damp dark corner of my land and see if it will improve my tea bowl making.


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