Antiques 5-3-09

The first set of pictures are of a piece of kiln furniture from an Iga kiln.  I am unsure if it is Ko-Iga or newer. I am always amazed at what has value. This particular piece is like hundreds I have seen laying around at the sites of old kilns. I have always felt that the development of the eye is the most important part of being a potter or an antiques dealer. When I look at this vase I only re-affirm that thought.

The next piece is a lacquer piece from the time period between 1844-1853. The style is “hori-e”. The gold is applied before the lacquer is dry. The writing, 嘉永年間, reads ke ei nen kan which is a period that ran  from 1844-1853. Again my notes fail me. I distinctly remember talk about  black ships and Commodore Perry during the discussion of these bowls. I was too busy taking pictures to write down what was said. Perry  came to Japan in 1852-53 so I am sure I am remembering correctly but I can’t recall the substance of what was said.


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