I have finished the first podcast. You can go here and listen or subscribe. There are some rough edits. I am not used to the editing software.


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2 Responses to “Podcast”

  1. Dean Kelly Says:


    Quite an informative podcast. I enjoyed listening to it. Your auction experiences are always very interesting.

    On your question about the ceiling fan, I will give my opinion. Very often in the US, houses are prewired with a ceiling fixture for a light. This is especially true in older houses where you may have your only light in the ceiling. If you want a ceiling fan, the easiest way to install it is to use the existing electrical fixture and mount. Since this is the primary light in a room, often times if the light is replaced with a ceiling fan it will make the room dark. If you get a ceiling fan with lights on the bottom you are getting the fan and the light. Also, since the ceiling fan is usually in the center of the room, you would want your overhead light in the same spot.

    I hope this illuminates the issue.


    • togeii Says:

      Hello Dean,
      Thanks for your time and the comment. I will put it in the next podcast. I hadn’t thought of the reason you gave.

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