Antiques 3-21-09

This is another case of something nice passing right below my nose and not seeing it. I am not really interested in tables so it makes  sense to me I wouldn’t notice it  but when I photographed it I really noticed for the first time the detail and quality of craft.

The legs are shaped after birds legs and are called sagi ashi in Japanese. The sagi is Japanese for heron. There is shell inlay detail. The surface of the top is cracked and  gives the impression of being very old and crackled. It is in fact a device employed during the making of the table. There is a type of mesh that shrinks less than the lacquer embedded in the table so when the lacquer dries and shrinks it will give the impression of an old cracked surface.It is a Taisho,  early 20th. century, reproduction of a Heian period piece. The Heian period ended roughly 850 years ago. The picture of the table in the book is of a Muromachi period table of the same type.

The story behind this table will show you how small the antiques world is. The dealer where I photographed the table is selling it for the second time.  It was originally bought by three Osaka based  dealers who paid 1,000 yen, what was then the  price of constructing a new house. They then found out it was a reproduction and sold it to the dealer where I photographed it, albeit for a lot more than 1,000 yen. He then sold it and bought it back at the Wakakusa auction last week for a very good price.


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