Kiln update

I am building a six meter long snake kiln. Started some months ago. Here are some photo updates.

So far I have done the following.

In order to start the who process I had to move roughly 5 cords of red pine. In order to move that wood I had to move an additional 2 cords that was in the way.

I got the wood moved and then had to build a roof to house some lumber that was being stored where I want my new kiln.  It is a relatively small roof, four meters by four meters. I went down and bought the materials in one fell swoop. It struck me how expensive it was for such a small addition, roughly 24,000 yen. I have always bought my materials in small bits and pieces so never really realized the total cost. I hate to think how much I have spent on all my buildings.

After I got the lumber moved I then had to disassemble a small kiln and try to move it. I can’t move it by myself so I had to buy a hoist. The hoist has been the topic of a previous post, still as yet unresolved. The kiln is now out of the way enough so that I can proceed with construction.

After the kiln moving I had to put in frames for leveling out the the kiln levels. Before I could do that I had to do a major movement of stuff that was in the way. This included moving an additional 2 cords of split wood. Before I could move the split wood I had to decide what to do with some ceramics that had found a home in front of my climbing kiln. That done I moved the split wood.

Finally, layout and I could start. I felt like I had to move mountains to start.


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