Antiques 1-07-09

I have to admit I don’t really understand chaire, see  here. I have seen a lot of them but can’t really make out the cachet.

How important are they. In Nobunaga’s time, here, when he ran out of land to give as rewards he gave chaire.

I also have a video on how to tie a furoshiki on  a chaire box. See link below the pictures.

Click here for the video.


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2 Responses to “Antiques 1-07-09”

  1. Philippe Papadimitriou (Switzerland) Says:

    Dear David,

    If you ever learn something interesting on how to discern the good from the bad (I am speaking about chaire), please let me know. I have a good sense of observation (I think) and enough books to rely on, but it still is some kind of riddle to find the excellent among the good. Bad pieces are more easily taken apart.

    Take care,


    • togeii Says:

      Hello Phil,
      You hit it on the head. Chaire are one of the most difficult things to understand. I have just recently felt I have a small understanding of what separates a good one from a bad one. Not enough knowledge to pass on but a feel for them a little more.

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