Breaking the outer wall, not quite to the Daimyo’s zabuton.

I blushed twice this week.

Today is my 45th. birthday so blushing isn’t something I do often.

The first time was in my first Shodo class. I wrote the letters as I was directed to and waited to see how the only other man in class appeared in his critique. I say appeared, I mean stood, listened, his general demeanor. I then went up to the front of the class, closely mimicking the actions of my 80 year old classmate. Immediately, yes, immediately, I was surrounded by the whole class who wanted to  watch my critique. Surrounded in the sense that I was being physically pushed to one side a little, just a little off balance.

The critique went well.

The second time was at the dealers auction I have mentioned before. I finally bought my first piece. I blushed when I lost the bidding on the first piece I bid on. Lost my poker face, blushed, bit my lip and had to feign interest in the wicker baskets of items that were snaking up towards the front.

I have really taken to Shoki Imari and Ko Imari. I bid on 7 or so Shoki Imari pieces but didn’t go high enough. I guess I have to up my maximum if I want to post some pieces here. The big laugh of the day was a box of fabric. I looked at it before it came up. Thinking it might go for 10$ a piece on Etsy I decided on a price around 10,000 yen for the whole box. The lot came up and the first piece was pulled out. Hammer price, 60,000 yen. And so on down the line. I had a good laugh on how little I know about that particular type of antique.

Pictures of my new plate. Dia.  29 cm. Height. 4.5 cm. 1820-1830.


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3 Responses to “Breaking the outer wall, not quite to the Daimyo’s zabuton.”

  1. Andrea Kobayashi Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    What a beautiful plate. I know what you mean about the fabric. I’ve seen some almost rotting threads of old katazome on some online venues that are sooooo expensive.

    As for your shodo, how did your classmates mask their envy! 😉

    I’m hoping to (re)start lessons next year after we move.

  2. Andrea Kobayashi Says:

    I was taking lessons on an ad hoc basis from the shodo teacher at one of the schools I worked at. But schools being schools it was hard to find mutually convenient free time. Maybe I will join a circle next April.

    Your new books look hefty. A bit of holiday reading!

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