I will first apologize that some of the pictures are turned on their side. If there is a way to edit the orientation of the picture in something already loaded on WordPress please let me know.

The first set of pictures is of a hanging vase  from the Momoyama period.  It is a Shigaraki vase. There is a very interesting point in the second picture. It is a close up of the mouth. The rim has been purposely chipped to allow easier draining of the water. The chipping wasn’t done in recent times. When the water was going to be changed the rim is designed such that the water doesn’t really ever completely drain. Very practical folks, the Japanese.

The second set is of a cooking pot from the Muromachi period. It is a Koseto piece. Somewhere along the line it has been dropped and repaired. There are also some pictures of it in a book and the title of the book in case you want your own copy. A notable point is that the design hasn’t change for over 400 years. The same design is still used now in Japan.

The third set is of a very fine handled bowl Called Tebachi or Komonobachi in Japanese. It is  for pickles. I have never seen such a large bowl for pickles. It is unusual to find one that isn’t broken.  There are also detailed picturesb of the box. The lid is very interesting as it says Shigaraki komonohachi but not in the kanji one would expect to see. The words are spelled out in ateji, or kanji used only for their phonetic readings, not for their meanings. Unusual to find on a lid, it is a kind of word play. I see I didn’t load pictures of the writing.  Also interesting is the kiln mark in the handle. I have taken pictures of the page from a mark book.  There is also one more thing of note. The strings or building of the box often give a clue to the age. Older boxes have round holes where the string pass through.

The next set is of a five piece Richo hakeme memesara set. That would be Korean brushed small plate set or something like that. Fine pieces. The pictures include  some very interesting box lid details. The detail is the finger pull, done in great detail.

The last piece is an old Kutani hyotan vase. The finest piece I have seen. Yours for 18,500$. It is a five color eight sided vase in excellent condition.


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