Antiques 12-3-08

These two statues are from the Fujiwara period. If you click on the photos with captions there are more details.

In researching these I came upon a lot of examples in the Tokyo National Museum, here or the Kyoto National Museum, here, that are very fine.  The Tokyo National Museum has links to many of the large public collections in Japan, here.


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One Response to “Antiques 12-3-08”

  1. Pamela Graves Says:

    Hi~Wow what a Great and Interesting site you have! Thank you for sharing. I sort~of have a Question that I hope you can help me with. I am starting to help my Mom sell things on E-Bay. She has a store & became ill, so she asked me for a helping hand. I recently sold a small, “I think” to be Clay insence Box that i call a Prayer box.It has small hand carving on the corners that looks like people on there knee’s Praying. It’s such a unique box & I’ve never seen one like it. I searched for 5 years now & just cant find anything simialar. I liked it so much that i almost didn’t sell it, but in these hard times i decided to go ahead. I put a price of 50.00 U.S.A Dollars on it, hoping it would NOT sell. lol…but it did. I am pretty sure it is an antique. Do you know of anyway I can tell if it’s antique or not? You sound so intelligent about things that I couldn’t help but write to you about this box. Please don’t think I am crazy and I don’t know what it is, but this Box is screaming out to me with a story that I guess now I will never know. Anyway, I am so curious that now I am going around asking people about it and showing pictures of it to see if anyone has any idea’s. Is there any way I could show you a picture? I have not mailed the box out to it’s buyer yet but will be doing so tomorrow. I would love to be able to know more about it before i do so… If you are interested in helping me out Please write me back and give me a address I can send pics too. I cant help but wonder if I have sold a master piece for only 50.00 (Ha~ Ha)~ This doesn’t mean that I am going to hold back on the buyer now. I wouldn’t feel honest in doing that. I just feel like I have to know and i feel as if now you may be my only hope. anyway, Thank you for your time and again, I LOVE YOUR SITE !!! Keep up the GREAT Work there…
    Sincerely~ Pamela

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