Antiques 10-18-08

Who has owned the bowl or piece can add as much or more to the value as the work itself. The oribe bowl was owned by Kohori Kishinan,  see I am unsure of the reading for his given name. Mr. Kohori was the 11th. head of the Enshu Ryu school of tea、see Owned by him, not made by him. The fact he wrote a song on the lid adds as much to the value as the work. I don’t see anything peculiarly Japanese to this. It is the same as the  provenance of a painting, in the sense the word is used for the ownership trail. This bowl is different in that this famous person enhanced the value by writing a song on the box cover.

I really like the hakeme bowl. It speaks to me. I can’t really say why, I don’t usually go that much for hakeme but this one rings. There is a large crack that has been repaired on the bottom. My guess is this crack is original, i.e., it was there when the piece was removed from the kiln. I have heard of bowls made in Shoji Hamada’s time that had the bottom repaired because of an over enthusiasitc cut during turning.


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