Current shows

A show currently at the Museum of Oriental Ceramics can be found here in English,

There is a more detailed description here,

It is a show of roughly 1,000 Chinese snuff boxes from the Oki Shoichiro collection. The show runs through the 28th. of September. There is a poster here, that has some more pictures of the bottles.  And some more here,

This show at the The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo has 5 types of prefectural ceramics on display until the 23rd. of September. This is a link to the museum’s English site, A cut and paste from the English site about the show,  Showcases porcelain , earthenware , and ceramic wares produced in Hyogo Prefecture. Hyogo Prefecture primarily consists of the former provinces of Settsu, Harima, Awaji, Tamba and Tajima, all of which are known for their production of pottery wares.

A group based in Shigaraki, with a list of ceramic folks, I am unsure the criteria in the selection of the artists.


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