Nomura Art Museum

Here are a couple of links to pages from the Nomura Art Museum. All pages are in Japanese.

Home page

The following link will take you to  upcoming shows. If you scroll down the page on the right you can see some photographs of works that will be in the shows.

The two main shows that are coming up are of

Hasegawa Bunrin chaire, tea containers. Hasegawa Bunrin is a person who makes, among other things, tea containers.

For more pictures click below and then have fun clicking and seeing a wealth of photos.

or see below and start clicking on the links.

The other show is of a  nezumi shino chawan named Yokogumo. There seem to be two readings for this bowl. Yokogumo is the popular name but I found a more detailed source that said for reasons the source didn’t outline the reading is Shinonome. I checked both names a number of times and found the Yokogumo a much more common reading.

For more photos click

You can click here for a Japanese person’s diary that contains a wealth of links on shino shows

or if you want more photos


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