I have been up to in

the last month.

Putting up a couple of stores on the net. If you are interested have a look at http://www.togei.etsy.com/ or www.bonanzle.com/booths/togeii/ or togeii.silkfair.com/ for a look.. One more thing is the etsy blog I am doing with another etsy seller. See the blog here japanfocusetsy.blogspot.com/ I was selling some kimonos on Ebay for a couple of weeks but to say the fees ate up all my profit is understating it. I went last week to get a license so I can go and bid at antique auctions. It takes about a month of investigation on their part, 19,000 yen and a couple of extra fees.

I have modified my daily schedule. It now goes as such. I start work at 6 am. Working until noon on web activities. After that I am in the studio until 5:30 pm.  A long day.


One Response to “I have been up to in”

  1. Blooming in Japan Says:

    Here’s my long day. Up at between 5.30 and 6.30 to look after my two kids. Spend the morning chasing the two year old and doing housework. 1pm the little one goes down for a nap – maybe get in an hour of sewing or email stuff. Spend the rest of the day chasing the two year old, cooking dinner and housework until I get the kids into bed at 7 or 7.30. SIT DOWN for half an hour until I have to cook dinner for my husband. 9pm – 12.00am sew or work on my websites. A LONG DAY 🙂

    no rest for the wicked or idle hands are the devil’s tools?

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