In Nara city, in the small section called Naramachi is an antique store run by a man half deaf…. scream in the ear deaf. He also happens to have a deep knowledge of Japanese antiques, particularly of a certain kiln from a certain period. I have been in his “store” a number of times. I suspected, and seemed to have confirmed, his hearing is getting worse by the year. I went there with my wife this last Saturday. I have a great aunt who used to talk so loud I would become embarrassed and wish she would just be quiet, never daring to ask a question in public that I didn’t want all of Washington D.C., where she lived, to hear the answer to. I had a similar feeling this past Saturday. The difference was my wife was the one screaming out the questions in this very quiet salon type store.

The 3 pictures show the quality Mr. Kawase carries. I think this Yayoi piece could go into most museum’s collections. Price? Around one million five hundred thousand yen.

I can’t say a lot about this particular piece. The focus of our yelling match was actually 2 tea bowls, a 400 year old shelf from a Bizen kiln and a 1000 year old cooking vessel. I have pictures from the cooking vessel which I will post shortly.

It is inspiring to be able to handle, see, and HEAR about such works. I feel lucky to live so close to Nara City and Mr. Kawase’s store.


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