Joint unglazed/glazed firing

I have started loading the first noborigama firing in a while. I will fire the first chamber with unglazed work and the second with 2 types of glazed work. This is the first time I have tried to do this combination. I am usually too exhausted to try to finesse a good firing out of the second chamber after working to get the first to finish.

I hope to give a more detailed description of what I am doing and my concerns in this series of posts. I will sometimes include photos, thereby saving a thousand words, but more often than not won’t.

So far I have cleaned out the kiln from the last firing. I gathered about 16.8 kilos of Japanese Red Pine ash. Having done some really rough calculations a while ago and come up with a ratio of 1:70 it looks like the last firing was about 1100 kilos of wood. This is much higher than most woods. The pine ash looks like soil, suprising the first time I saw it. The amount sounds low considering how tired I was.



I am giving the ash away. I already have stockpiled about 100 kilos of the stuff and instead of throwing it out I would rather give it away. If you want a kilo please send an email to and we can work out the details. I will only ask for shipping. I know it costs about 13 dollars to send a kilo to the U.S. In Japan I can send it chakubarai and you can pay shipping.

I have loaded the second chamber about 2/5 of the way up. Unfortunately I have a bunch of stuff made from clay that bloats if you look at it funny. I have loaded all that ware below the line marking the top of the exit flue. That is to say when the excitement really starts that is the stuff that will get the full force of the flames barreling past on their way out. The flame from red pine will come out the top of the chimney, a distance of 5 or so meters.



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