Walking to Nara

I recently watched a video on google http://tiny.cc/KoJ9g   entitled Kintaro walks Japan. You can also see it in smaller, 6 minute chunks on youtube. I was impressed by “Kintaro’s” enthusiasm for meeting and interacting with the Japanese he met along his trip.

I have had an on again off again project to walk to Nara from my house. It is a distance of about 19 kilometers through the mountains.  After seeing the video I decided to have another go at it. I walked yesterday for 3 hours and finally made it. It really isn’t a far distance when looked at on paper. Doing it is a little more difficult. There are only 2 good places to take breaks, one at the 10 kilometer mark and again at the 16 kilometer mark.

As far as meeting and talking to Japanese, if that had been my goal, I failed miserably. I only met a very old woman waiting for a bus who eyed me a little suspiciously and 2 more women sitting in a truck waiting for a bus. They didn’t look like they wanted to talk to a guy in a white fake Mickey Mouse sweatshirt holding a plastic bag in which there was a bottle of water and a banana.  


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One Response to “Walking to Nara”

  1. Beth Says:

    I had to translate the distance – very nice walk! I am not up to that distance, me-self – 4 miles is my current comfort zone, and that upon flat pavement (no mountains!)

    Did you see this site? Just tidbits~

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