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Looking around at other Japan related blogs it is obvious there is very little reason to read my blog unless you are my friend. There are some really interesting and readable blogs out there.

I found this batch of blogs at is an interesting blog. I really like reading people that write about things that don’t make sense to me. For example making friends in Japan with Japanese. There you go. Study away.

If you haven’t had enough try I haven’t read a lot on this site. I will poke around and see what it has to offer.

The next blog I have bookmarked but doesn’t seem to load. Give a try anyway.

I found and the first post is funny. I haven’t looked any deeper but I will.  I love the first entry on the list. 55 kilos of potatoes.

Raising children in Japan? Includes a beer review

One my sister sent me.  The blogger writes about living in Tokyo which is a world away from living in the mountains in Nara.

This site is about an English school. The set up and pictures are really nice. I get a lot of ideas and motivation looking at it. 


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2 Responses to “Blog links”

  1. Chris B Says:

    Thanks for the look out!!
    Good luck with the School and Blog!!


  2. Beth Says:

    Hey, big brother! Thank you for the links, and for the mention. I’m glad you received that one~

    Happy 2008, since you’re already there. We’ve been exploring the local desert this week – did you know there’s a ski resort within 60 minutes of Las Vegas?? Too odd – I had no idea.

    I love you,
    Hug your family once extra from me,

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