A taste of spring in winter


When in bloom I will often see photographers doing their thing before 5:00 am. I have been asked for directions many times by drunk carloads searching it out. I sent them to a different cherry tree that is down the road in a cemetery I have always found more impressive; finally figured out that everyone is looking for this tree. There are signs pointing to it from the main road. I have also had to inform late comers that they missed the bloom by a month or what have you.  The word for weeping in Japanese is very close to the word for drooling. I have yet to elicit a laugh with my play on words.

OK, it is an impressive, large tree. I hear the attraction is that weeping cherry trees don’t  usually grow this large. Judging from the base it is more than a couple of hundred years old. Frankly I don’t get it. Would I travel a couple of hours to capture it in just the right light. No. I like this tree but it remains one of the symbols of my lack of understanding about Japan.


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