Kitano Elementary school

There was another meeting that ran beyond midnight last night regarding the school. The latest “theme” seems to be how there wasn’t enough communication between the PTA and another group that seems to be peopled mainly by folks in the 60 year age group and up. Amazing to me seeing as how these two groups consist largely of members from the same family. That is to say the mother or father in the PTA has a mother or father in the other group. The older group is saying that the PTA didn’t put in the proper amount of effort to stop the merger of the schools going forward. That if they, the older group, had been properly informed they would have thrown their collective weight behind the PTA to stop closing the school. I guess they never thought to ask over the dinner table how the talks were progressing.

In a new developing side drama a local government representative has stepped in to help the group that doesn’t want to merge. The angle is as follows. The school that will be shut down, Kitano Elementary, is earthquake safe in all respects. The school that Kitano is to be merged with, Yamazoe Elementary, isn’t, and has some other safety violations as well. The representative’s angle is why merge before the proper repairs are made. My take is that the threat of a large percentage of the students heading off to the neighboring village’s school is starting to have an effect. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.


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