Yesterday we took our quarterly trip to Costco. There is one in Osaka, about 1 hour from here by car. The main reason we go is for dog food, which we buy a lot of, and tires for our car. Our  Newfoundland dog eats about 25 kilos of food a month which would break us at regular Japanese prices.

The never ending surprise for me is the size of the packages and the calorie content of the food. I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised there so it’s not like I haven’t had a chance to get used to the … way of thinking. But still…

My typical daily food intake here might be something like the following. Breakfast- natto and rice followed by some yogurt. Lunch- ramen topped off with vegetables and maybe a piece of fish. Dinner- rice, vegetables, and fish. Yesterday we went to Costco. Today I had for breakfast-natto with chips, a danish, a pear and some grapes, lunch- macaroni and cheese, a bagel with cheese and smoked salmon and a piece of cheese cake. Haven’t had dinner yet but the point is I probably double my caloric intake in the week or two after going to Costco. In fact when we buy the apple pie I generally skip one meal as I am too full. We’re talking about a calorie bomb. Yeah right, I’m sure obesity is caused by genes.

There is something peculiar you will see when you go to the Osaka Costco. Many Japanese will fix their gaze on your basket as your are approaching them, continue looking as you get closer, and crane their neck around as you pass. I wonder what they are looking for.

In ceramics, (see ), I seem to have severely hurt my left arm to the point where I can’t throw. I haven’t been able to for the past month or so. In fact several times a week I wake up in the middle of the night in pain. It was much more severe about a month ago.


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