School continued

TO continue the story about the school. It all started about 4 years ago. The talk of merger that is. The head of the village at the time floated the idea and it was met with stiff resistance, especially from the older folks in this part of the village. They have fresh memories of attending the school and perhaps more importantly of the merger 40 or so years ago of what was 4 villages into a larger one, and then the subsequent merger of several larger portions into the present shape of Yamazoe Village. The name translates to “off in the mountains” or maybe “village in the mountain”. The village head at the time when the first talk of merger appeared subsequently retired because of stress. The next head, that is the present one, using somewhat hyperbolic language vowed to “stake his life on the merger of the schools”. The claim was that it would save money. As the dust has settled it has emerged  that, at best, there won’t be any savings.  After an extension of 2 years the merger will go ahead this coming school year. I had overheard my closest neighbor say that the worst case scenario would be a further fracturing of this part of the village. That seems to be exactly what is going to happen. We will go in a week or so to a school that is just down the road to get a presentation on how the school is run and what it would entail to go there.


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